Partnering with Magnet

July 7, 2016

The North Superior Workforce Planning Board: Local Employment Planning Council is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Magnet. Magnet is a collaborative network powered by a job matching technology that quickly and accurately connects job seekers to employers based on skills and preferences. As a result of the partnership Magnet services are free for all employers in the Thunder Bay district.

Employers will connect with individuals that are qualified based on their specific requirements, saving them significant time and expense. Employers using the system can create relationships with qualified candidates ahead of their hiring needs. As one example, employers may want to reach a specific type of student based on their program, year, work experience, or even languages spoken. This can be accomplished based on simple invitations to connect and present their businesses as future employment opportunities. Once connections are made communications exists in a secure environment.

SMEs win too! Now small and medium sized businesses can compete for the best talent because they can reach them, market to them, and connect in a highly efficient yet inexpensive environment.

Once an individual builds a profile the right opportunities will chase them. This is the exact opposite of traditional approaches in which people chase opportunities for which they are often unqualified. Job seekers will gain a much better understanding for what skills are required for their desired jobs based on employer activity and market data fed back to them. Individuals have access to the Job Board for proactive search. Jobseekers can manage search information in one place. Individuals have access to best practice media. Individuals will learn about new job areas they may not have considered but that are well suited to their skills.

Multimedia tools can be used to help market any individual. Media such as video, images, and documents can be included in any part of a personal profile to help illustrate the value they possess. Individuals can create multiple valuable employer relationships as a result of connecting to employers that interest them and will represent highly valuable career contacts over time.

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This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

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