Trina Maher

Trina is the Owner and ‘Chief Creative Spirit’ at Bridging Concepts, a 100% owned First Nation firm which specializes in ‘helping people & ideas connect’ through strategic training solutions and project consulting. The company’s clients include: IBM, the Indigenous Relations department of the Government of Alberta, IAMGold, the National Native American HR Association, the National Aboriginal Circle Against Family Violence, Indigenous Works, and a suite of corporations nationwide in the mining, banking, petroleum, government service and industrial contracting sectors.

Trina is a full status member of the Ojibwe community of Mattagami First Nation, Ontario. Trina is a top-flight organizational development consultant who has honed her craft of developing programs to support Indigenous workplace inclusion, personal and professional development and community capacity building. She is known for her unique approach of infusing cutting edge contemporary research and strategies from some of the business world’s top authors with an Indigenous worldview to teach ideas in a way that inspires change, hope and advancement of learning. Since 1999 Trina has worked to educate, strategize, advise and coach HR teams in their inclusion plans through customized training, online content development for LMS systems, designing learning programs for conferences, authoring articles for in-company newsletters, and guest speaking for corporate meetings. She helps corporate teams reflect on their journey to identify new insights to refine initiatives to move closer towards their Indigenous inclusion goals. Trina has advised on numerous national career development projects to engage Indigenous youth to explore possibilities across a variety of sectors from mining, environmental awareness, to technology.

Trina is the only First Nation professional in Canada that holds the international designation of Classroom Technical Trainer by Comptia, a Certificate of Adult Education by Brock University, and an International Certification from the True Colours System. She is a Global Facilitator/Coach and Partner for the Lead Without Title System, an exclusive Robin Sharma Titan Academy Global leadership program. She is the only Master Facilitator of the Guiding Circles/Active Engagement/Hope-Filled Engagement approaches internationally and has trained well over 1000 practitioners since 2005 in these concepts. Trina is a Certified Essential Skills Analyst & Profiler and has professional development certifications Project Management, Curriculum Design, and Facilitation. She is a participant and alumni of the Robin Sharma Awakening Best Self , Lead Without Title, Personal Mastery Academy and Titan programs.


Diane Carriere

A member of Norway House First Nation in Manitoba, Diane has a Bachelor of Arts Undergraduate Degree from the University of Winnipeg, a Certificate in Human Resources from the University of Manitoba and a Tribal Human Resource Professional (THRP) from the National Native American Human Resource Association (NNAHRA). Diane is a certified human resources professional both in her region and in tribal areas in United States of America. Diane’s achievements have been recognized with the Bill Hanson Award for Aboriginal employment and the Human Resource Management Association of Manitoba (HRMAM) Platinum Award for creating outstanding employment initiatives. Diane is the President of the Canadian Aboriginal Human Resource Management Association (CAHRMA), a national association that has been supporting the professional development and networking of Indigenous human resource managers since 2012. This association is dedicated to the development of human resources for our Aboriginal communities, including the development of an Aboriginal HR certification program.

Kelly Lendsay

Kelly is a proud Indigenous leader of Canadian Cree, Métis, and European ancestry. His dynamic and sharp communications style and social entrepreneurial success has earned him the reputation as an engaging thought leader, facilitator, and effective bridge-builder between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples, companies, and communities.

Kelly earned his MBA in 1993, launched the first Aboriginal business education program in Canada at the University of Saskatchewan in 1995, and is the inaugural council president leading the charge since 1998 to build stronger corporate–Indigenous engagements and growing the council into an ISO certified enterprise. He has served on over a dozen corporate, crown, and non-profit boards in Canada; numerous advisory services; and in 2015 graduated from the Director Education Program hosted by the Institute of Corporate Directors, Rotman’s School of Management.

He was honored by the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) as one of their “100 Alumni of Influence” in the last century whose accomplishments have been recognized for influencing the growth and development of the university, the province, and the world during the last century.

Kelly also leads the council’s new national charity, Kocihta, designed to empower Indigenous youth to reach their human resource and career potential. Kocihta is tackling the social deficits of poverty, despair, and hopelessness, and with a growing group of partners reversing the history of exclusion to unleash the path of human resource potential.


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