The goal of the Baakaakonaanan Ishkwaandemonan project is to recognize the efforts made by employers to create inclusive workplaces.

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About the Project

Baakaakonaanan Ishkwaandemonan (pronounced “bah-kah-ko-nah-nun shkwahn-deh-monun”) – Opening Doors for You focuses on identifying current best practices and promoting existing resources available for supporting the hiring of newcomers and Indigenous job seekers.

“The goal of the BI project is to recognize the efforts made by employers to create inclusive workplaces, and encourage employers to understand the value and benefit to hiring newcomers and Indigenous job seekers,” said Madge Richardson, Executive Director of North Superior Workforce Planning Board, Thunder Bay District’s Local Employment Planning Council. “At the end of the pilot period, the project has been introduced in other communities in the region.”

After the first six months, our project staff utilized social media, in person visits, and workshops to help employers identify and access the existing knowledge and supports they need to make inclusive hiring choices.

BI rewards employers for engaging with existing service providers and fostering an inclusive workplace. Employers that complete a certain number of tasks will receive recognition in the media and free advertising and promotion online plus they will be provided with a visual identifier for their business storefront window and/or website. The project highlights best practices and recognizes employer champions who have demonstrated their commitment to hiring newcomers and indigenous workers.

Overview of the project

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News & Events

May 04, 2017
First Nations leaders presenting on energy project experiences and lessons learned including renewable energy, employment & training opportunities and community energy planning.
Apr 26, 2017
Promotes cross-cultural understanding, municipal and technical cooperation, and most importantly, economic development opportunities.
Apr 12, 2017
In Thunder Bay on April 12, 2017. The workshop traces the history of the TRC, looks at its Calls to Action, and asks participants, ‘What does Reconciliation mean to you?’
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Meet Our Champions

Meet Thunder Bay District Employers who are proactive, innovative and are working toward inclusive and diverse hiring strategies to increase Indigenous and Newcomer workforce participation.

Baakaakonaanan Ishkwaandemonan is a project of the Local Employment Planning Council (LEPC). The LEPC in Thunder Bay is a pilot project led by the North Superior Workforce Planning Board (nswpb) with the support of Northern Policy Institute (NPI) as data and research partner. The LEPC uses community consultation, research, and evidence-based practices to spur innovation in workforce development in our region.


This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

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