Operators and attendants in amusement, recreation and sport

National Occupation Code (NOC): 6722

This unit group includes operators of amusement rides, games and other attractions, and attendants in amusement, recreation and sports facilities who assist patrons, collect tickets and fees and supervise the use of recreational and sports equipment. They are employed by amusement parks, fairs, exhibitions, carnivals, arenas, billiard parlours, bowling alleys, golf courses, ski centres, tennis clubs, campgrounds and other recreational and sports facilities.

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Job Duties for Operators and attendants in amusement, recreation and sport

Amusement attraction operators
  • Drive trucks, vans and other vehicles to transport amusement rides, games and other attractions to amusement attraction sites
  • Set up rides, fun houses, game concessions and other amusement attractions
  • Perform routine maintenance and safety inspections of attraction equipment
  • Operate rides and other attractions, oversee game activities and ensure safety of participants
  • May sell tickets.
Attendants in amusement, recreation and sport
  • Collect tickets and fees, and rent or sell sports and accessory equipment
  • Schedule the use of recreational facilities such as golf courses, tennis courts, bowling alleys, fitness clubs, campgrounds and other similar facilities
  • Operate recreational facility equipment such as ski lifts, ice rink equipment and snow making machines
  • Assist patrons on and off ski lifts and amusement park rides, secure and release safety belts and bars and monitor equipment to detect wear and damage
  • Clean and maintain recreational facilities and grounds.

Working Conditions for Operators and attendants in amusement, recreation and sport

Work is generally performed outdoors, where weather conditions can change without notice.

Alternate Job Titles

  • Amusement Attraction Operator
  • Amusement Concession Operator
  • Amusement Park Attendant
  • Amusement Ride Attendant
  • Amusement Ride Operator
  • Arena Ice Patroller
  • Artificial Ice Maker - Rink
  • Athletic Equipment Attendant
  • Athletic Equipment Custodian
  • Attendance Checker
  • Bicycle Rental Attendant
  • Billiard Parlour Attendant
  • Billiards Ballracker
  • Bingo Caller
  • Bingo Floor Attendant
  • Bingo Floorman/woman
  • Bingo Hall Attendant
  • Boat Rental Attendant
  • Bowling Alley Attendant
  • Bowling Pinsetter
  • Boxing Second
  • Bungee Jump Attendant
  • Cable Car Operator
  • Caddie
  • Campground Attendant
  • Campground Gate Attendant
  • Campground Worker
  • Carousel Operator
  • Clubhouse Attendant
  • Drive-in Theatre Attendant
  • Driving Range Attendant
  • Ferris Wheel Operator
  • Fun House Operator
  • Game Booth Operator
  • Game Concession Operator
  • Go-kart Ride Attendant
  • Go-kart Track Attendant
  • Golf Course Attendant
  • Golf Course Ranger
  • Golf Course Starter
  • Golf Range Attendant
  • Gondola Operator
  • Ice Rink Attendant
  • J-bar Attendant
  • J-bar Operator
  • Jockey Helper
  • Jockey Room Custodian
  • Jockey Valet
  • Leisure And Sports Attendant
  • Leisure Attendant
  • Leisure Facility Attendant
  • Merry-go-round Operator
  • Mini-golf Attendant
  • Park Attendant
  • Park Receptionist
  • Pony Ride Operator
  • Pool Parlour Attendant
  • Recreation And Sports Attendant
  • Recreation Attendant
  • Recreation Park Attendant
  • Recreational Camp Attendant
  • Recreational Facility Attendant
  • Ride Attendant
  • Rink Attendant
  • Rink Ice Maker
  • Rink Icer
  • Rope Tow Attendant
  • Rope Tow Operator
  • Shooting Gallery Operator
  • Skate Sharpener
  • Ski Lift Attendant
  • Ski Lift Operator
  • Ski Tow Attendant
  • Ski Tow Operator
  • Snowmaker
  • Snowmaking Equipment Operator
  • Snowmaking Facility Attendant
  • Snowmaking Machine Operator
  • Sports And Leisure Attendant
  • Sports And Recreation Attendant
  • Sports Attendant
  • Sports Centre Attendant
  • Sports Equipment Attendant
  • Sports Equipment Custodian
  • Sports Facility Attendant
  • T-bar Attendant
  • T-bar Operator
  • Technical Assistant - Sports And Leisure
  • Tennis Court Attendant
  • Tourist Camp Attendant
  • Trailer Campsite Attendant
  • Trailer Park Attendant
  • Waterslide Attendant
  • Zamboni Driver
  • Gate Attendant
  • Go Kart Attendant/Inspector

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