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For communities to grow and prosper, they need talented people to put down roots and build their lives. From small tight-knit communities to major metropolitan cities, communities are looking at innovative, proven ways to attract and retain skilled professionals. The Northwest Connector Program is one of these initiatives. It is a simple, yet highly effective networking program to help area newcomers and new graduates start to develop a local, professional network

A substantial portion of the job market is hidden.

With up to 70% of local employers in Northwestern Ontario turning to their professional connections to fill roles in their operations, many employment-ready newcomers and new graduates, who have not yet developed a local network of connections, are missing out on opportunities.

The Northwest Connector Program helps talent discover opportunity putting trained job seekers directly in touch with local business people, civil servants and community leadersso they can  grow their professional networks, tap into Northwestern Ontario’s hidden job market, and successfully integrate into our community. 

The Northwest Connector Program is proud of being a member of the award-winning National Connector Program, which was developed by the Halifax Partnership, and has been replicated in communities across Canada.

It works in 3 simple steps.


The Connector Program matches professional trained newcomers to Northwestern Ontario and new graduates (Connectees) with successful local professionals (Connectors) who have well-established professional networks. They are matched based on industry experience, professional backgrounds, or the Connectee’s interest in a specific sector. Once the match has been made, the Program Coordinator sends an introduction email to the Connector and the Connectee to set up a meeting.


The Connector and the Connectee meet virtually or face-to-face to discuss topics like:

  • Professional backgrounds
  • Skills and areas of expertise
  • Sector related news
  • Northwestern Ontario labour market


After the meeting, Connectors are asked to refer the Connectee to three people in their network. These referrals may be potential employers, influential leaders within their industry or other people who will benefit from meeting the Connectee. The introductions and meetings continue, allowing the Connectee to begin building a local network of contacts.

As Connectees meet with business and community leaders in the region, they gain a better understanding of the local job market, learn about the community, and are exposed to business and career opportunities available in Northwestern Ontario. This simple, yet highly effective process significantly increases the Connectee’s chances of finding meaningful employment in their profession.

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