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Primary Projects

Community Labour Market Plan

NSWPB is carrying out quantitative and qualitative research of relevant labour market information and working with our partners to provide a concise look at local labour market conditions and the collective work of our network. This document lays out a strategic plan for an inclusive, sustainable, and just economic recovery and subsequent workforce/economic development in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

WorkSCAPE Northwest

WorkSCAPE Northwest is a suite of innovative labour market tools that NSWPB has deployed to better collect and disseminate local labour market information.

Standing for Skills, Careers, Assets, and Program Explorer, workSCAPE Northwest will help local job seekers find what they need to get and keep work. Among the tools are a job board that scrapes 25 job banks, a map that shows where key resources are located, a pathway tool that shows links between careers and more.

Digital Society

A project partnership with Northern Policy Institute. The original plan for the working groups has shifted to a webinar model instead. One webinar was completed on December 8th and it focused on the delivery of remote healthcare in Northern Ontario and lessons learned elsewhere that can be applied here. Global and local experts took part in the webinar. There were around 50 attendees. The next webinar will focus on the theme maintaining a remote community of practice. A community of practice is a network of professionals who share work, training, and educational experiences. This project is also being supported by additional research pieces that focus on ICT infrastructure in Northern Ontario and measuring digital literacy access in Northern Ontario.

Mining and Mining Services Sector Needs in Northwestern Ontario:

Develop and administer a survey/research tool to reach out to The Mining Support and Services Sector (Employers/Contractors) to collect information regarding current and future workforce trends and needs. From the data collected, we will deliver a comprehensive report outlining the potential workforce needs for future sector requirements.


  1. Development of a database of Mining and Mining Service Employers/Contractors within Northwestern Ontario
  2. Development and distribution of survey/research instruments
  3. Key informant interviews
  4. Consultations with other stakeholders (i.e. community partners, mining research companies, community colleges, etc.)
  5. Development of results in a comprehensive report
  6. Share report with participants, stakeholders and other interested parties.

Wellness Pillars Report

COVID19 has impacted the labour market in several important ways, one of which is on the mental health and general well-being of individuals. With this context in mind, NSWPB seeks to partner with Northern Policy Institute to collect, measure and analyze indicators on the 8 Pillars of Wellness (physical, nutritional, mental, social, spiritual, intellectual, professional, community). Through this measurement, NSWPB will be able to provide a comprehensive picture of the labour force in the NSWPB service region, which can then be used by government and non-government decision makers. Understanding factors that are important to labour productivity will be critical as the economy is on the road to recovery. In addition to informing COVID19 recovery efforts, this work can be utilized in other key policy areas such as welcoming communities, employer supports, and labour market planning.

Secondary Projects

Workforce Recovery Team

NSWPB is working with our community partners to coordinate our responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have built out a shared database that interested members can access to learn more about the projects, initiatives, events, and funding opportunities available. The team meets regularly to discuss new developments, share information, and strategize ways to navigate the post-pandemic landscape.

LBS Broader distribution and promotion of the 2021-22 Skilled Trades and Workforce/ Workplace resources and best practices compendiums

  1. Actively participate in all planning meetings to determine next steps and collaborate with planning partners to support all activities required to successfully complete the deliverable and achieve the forecasted outcomes
  2. Participate in one or more LNO meetings to finalize BP collaboration; via virtual discussions
  3. Share the three papers: Modernizing Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship, Compendium of Skilled Trades Resources and LBS Best Practices, Compendium of Workforce- Workplace Resources and LBS Practices
  4. Support/participate in other RNs Apprenticeship and/or WF/WP deliverables activities
  5. Collaborate with partners to further inform supports, service coordination, and program delivery
  6. Support SMWDBs deliverable: Skilled Trades Update Seminar; partake in 2 webinars to help inform employers and job seekers about the new regulations surrounding apprenticeships

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This Employment Ontario project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

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